Why Choose Us?

We’re confident that we are the only IT support, or IT consulting partner that you need.


Honesty. Integrity. Approachability.

Providing clients with cost effective solutions offering a range of services which include IT consultancy, IT management and IT support.

In business today, IT teams are expected to contribute to growth by innovation. We help by understanding your technology challenges in the context of the commercial objectives.

Working collaboratively, we help define your strategies to deliver effective, practical and creative solutions.

Quick Response

A live person will answer your call, or you can send in a ticket yourself either online or just email us and we will automatically create you one. We can log in to your computer or server remotely and resolve a great deal of issues immediately without the wait for a tech to travel to your location.


Murtek have been around since 2007, our integrity is paramount to us. We are always honest and approachable. If there is something, we honestly can’t do then we will help ensure you find the people who can.


We are experienced in what we do with. We provide our technicians with continuing education opportunities on a regular basis to allow them to stay current with the latest technology.


We take time to get to know all our customers. Its important to us that there is a personal touch in our business. This isn’t some manufactured sales tool. Its just how we are and how we work. We are approachable and will always be available for anything.

Complete Solution

We can handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure including hardware and software management, vendor relationships for your internet connectivity, website management, and maintenance renewals, and any other related technology needs. We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.


Our service philosophy is proactive, not reactive. With state-of- the-art network monitoring and management, we manage your network 24/7 to identify issues and address them BEFORE they become problems, rather than putting out fires.


While our philosophy is to be proactive, there are many times when its important to be reactive. When that time comes – there is nobody more reactive that Murtek.

No Geek Speak

You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English. Our techs will clearly explain what is happening, so you understand.

Business Savvy

We design, evaluate and justify technology solutions from a thorough understanding of the business benefit for your company.

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Are you looking to harness your IT systems rather have it cause you all sorts of problems, giving you a constant headache you just don’t want?



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