About Us

Murtek was founded in 2007 by our MD Stuart Murray based on the core values of honesty, Integrity and Approachability.


In many instances when it came to IT, people often panicked and put their trust in the wrong people. Those said people then decide to try and get as much money as possible. It was something that seemed to happen all too often. It was something that we wanted to stop happening.


And so Murtek was born!

To us, IT is not just about removing a virus, fixing a printer and rebooting a computer! It is about being able to harness IT to make your business a better place. A more productive place. Certainly, in more recent times. A safer place.


But it’s not only about that, for us it’s also about making your staff feel comfortable when they call you. It’s about having that trust that we will go beyond any expectations because we genuinely do care for all the businesses we work with. That is why we are proud that most businesses we do work with, we have been working with for many years.


We come across so many businesses that promise the earth with their sales pitches but lack so much when it comes down to it.


We are different. We Care.